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Protecting first responders and the communities they serve.

Today, the vast majority of human communications are digital. And, as everyone knows, it can often be dangerous. Digital communications are making people more misinformed, stressed, and anxious than ever before. We believe that when health and safety are involved, there must be a better way to exchange information.

Twiin develops health and safety communication technology – OnResponse™ is the first software communication network explicitly designed for Command and Control and First Responders.

Public Safety

Connecting using secure communication

Public safety relies on a team of emergency trained professions. Police, firefighters, and EMTs all fall within this category. In most cases, these teams need to communicate and work together. Unfortunately, due to outdated legacy radio technology and emergency services like 911, private and accurate communication is impossible.

We offer a solution to public safety professionals that need to maintain trusted information through secure communications channels. We call it OnResponse™.

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Community Safety

Working together to keep you safe

"The map is not the territory" is a phrase coined by philosopher and engineer Alfred Korzybski. Talking about an experience is not the same as experiencing it. Mental health and safety are second-by-second evolving realities. Rational decision making and mental stress are linked.

We offer personal mental health and safety tools accessible on any mobile device that will keep you aware, up-to-date, and help you balance your stress under changing health and safety conditions that may affect you. We call it OnResponse Community™.

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Visualize data to help you take the next step

Our analytics rely on a new, patented implementation of biological learning processes found in the brain. We provide a software suite that solves the problem of health and safety awareness by instantaneously increasing your understanding of the physical wellbeing and emotions that your team experiences while on the job.

When safety and health are involved, time to assessment is all that matters.

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[re-la-tion-ship] noun

The way in which things are connected or work together.

Twiin was established in 2015 to create a new technology that focuses on secure digital communication and sentiment calculation. Why are these important? Because there is a direct link between sentiment and health and safety.

Inaccurate information and lack of feedback leads to a break-down in communication. Effective communication is the basis of successful relationships and problem resolution.

We are pioneering real-time behavior and health monitoring. Our patented Consciousness Analytics platform empowers industries in ways previously thought impossible. Our team has spent years working with the world’s top behavioral and neuroscience minds to build this technology. After successful rollout in the healthcare industry, Twiin commits itself to addressing the growing needs of public and personal safety in a thoughtful and collaborative way.

Your Data, Your Privacy, Your Relationships

In the era of data proliferation, reliable and secure information is crucial. The vast amount of unverified user data online has made it difficult for people to distinguish truth from fiction. This poses a significant problem, particularly in matters of health and safety. Expert control of information is essential. Studies have shown that during life-threatening situations, people rely on first responder emergency services rather than personal connections or the internet.

Twiin technology ensures that all communication among first responders is accessible only on authorized emergency devices. Moreover, event information is securely controlled by the emergency service itself. Our innovative analytics interface prioritizes privacy throughout the communication process. This benefits both first responders and citizens, providing them with accurate information that remains uncontaminated and unmonitored.

Twiin is a closed and secure system, safeguarding users from targeted tracking based on their digital communication pattern.