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[re-la-tion-ship] noun

The way in which things are connected or work together.

At Twiin, we know incorrect information can be hazardous to your health.

Digital communications are making people more misinformed, stressed, and anxious than ever before. Today, the vast majority of human communications are digital. And, as everyone knows, it can often be dangerous. We believe that when health and safety are involved, there must be a better way to exchange information.

Enter Twiin, a new company that develops health and safety communication technology. We have developed the first software communication network explicitly designed for Command and Control and First Responders.

Public Safety

Built for more meaningful communication

Public Safety relies on a team of emergency trained professions. Police, firefighters, and EMTs all fall within this category. In most cases, these teams need to communicate and work together. Unfortunately, due to outdated legacy radio technology and emergency services like 9-1-1, private and accurate communication is impossible.

We offer a solution to Public Safety professionals that need to maintain trusted information through secure communications channels. We call it OnResponse™.

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Personal Safety

Keeping you safe

Understand where and what affects your health and safety.

People require accuracy and relevancy as a foundation to make the best decisions about their wellbeing. Navigating through the online and in-person world has never been more challenging, especially when health and safety information is required. We understand, and we care.

We offer a Personal Safety solution that runs on any mobile device and will keep you safe and up-to-date with health and safety conditions that may affect you. We call it OnResponse™ Personal.

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Visualize data to help you take the next step

Our analytics rely on a new patented implementation of this biological learning process found in the brain. We provide a software suite that solves the problem of health and safety awareness by instantaneously increasing your understanding of the physical wellbeing and emotions that your team experiences while on duty and at work.

When safety and health are involved, time to assessment is all that matters.

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The future available today

Twiin was established in 2015 to create a new technology that focuses on direct communication and sentiment extraction. Why is that important? Because there is a direct link between sentiment and information on health and safety.

No successful relationship or problem resolution has ever been developed based on inaccurate information or lack of feedback. However, that is precisely the environment created when entrusting your communications to social media or general-purpose digital communication programs. All of which are third-party digital advertising financed companies in sheep’s clothing.

Twiin is a radical departure from the status quo. We invite you to try Twiin’s breadth of communication services and experience directly the future you deserve from digital communication.

Your Data, Your Privacy, Your Relationships

Now more than ever, there is a need for high-integrity vetted and secure information. With the increase of unchecked user data uploaded to the internet, it’s become impossible for people to know what is true and fabricated.

Lack of factual information becomes problematic when it involves your health and safety; information control must be in the hands of the experts. Studies have shown that no matter the political climate when life-threatening or dangerous situations occur, people do not call a personal friend or surf the web; they call first responder emergency services.

With Twiin technology, all first responder emergency service communications are viewable only on devices that are part of an emergency unit handling in-progress emergency events. More importantly, event information is under secured control directly by the emergency service.

Our revolutionary universal analytics interface has privacy baked into the entire communication service path. How this benefits first responders and citizens is the information needed to help you is accurate and not contaminated or monitored by anyone.

Recently, we have seen a battle in the social consumer tech companies over offering programming interfaces to third-party companies to target and track you based on your digital communication habits. Twiin is a secure closed system.