Consciousness Analytics

Securely calculate sentiment and manage stress

Consciousness Analytics

How do babies learn to walk without a manual?

Unlike computers and current analytic solutions, the human mind doesn’t scan through enormous amounts of data, searching for an answer. Instead, we make quick assessments and predictions based on small environmental changes. Twiin’s analytics rely on a new, patented implementation of this biological learning process: Consciousness Analytics.

We provide a software suite that solves the problem of losing situational awareness under stress. We accomplish that by increasing visibility into the physical and emotional conditions your team experiences throughout their professional and personal day.

When safety and health are involved, time to assessment is all that matters. In most cases, evaluation speed can make the difference between life and death scenarios. The time to act is in the present.

Increase understanding of in-progress events

OnResponse™ provides a mechanism to intervene and change the outcome.

Here's an example use case:

  • Your organization uses a safety or health device.
  • Our software can operate on your existing device and securely access our analytics.
  • We calculate sentiment and stress from the devices you authorize.
  • Cloud access enables you to manage as many individuals, groups, and events as you wish.
  • Identify potential danger by location, prior history, or other parameters.
  • OnResponse™ data is available instantaneously within seconds of your request.

After-the-fact is not the time to find out about a potentially hazardous health and safety condition.

Community behavior linked by our Bubble

Humans have relied on being in groups and forming communities to facilitate tasks since the dawn of humanity. That's why OnResponse™ utilizes proprietary Bubble software technology. Our privacy-focused architecture captures individual and group behavior vs. stress at any given moment. In addition, bubble architecture significantly reduces emotional escalation through real-time identification of changing biometric conditions.

Historically, when first responders have been dispatched, the team establishes a group sentiment based on their interaction with the in-progress event. Danger typically arises when an individual member’s increased physical and mental stress level influences the entire group’s behavior. Thus, allowing visibility into a group’s stress levels is a leading indicator for de-escalation and intervention.

In today’s world of split-second, life-and-death decisions, you don’t have the luxury of wasting time. With OnResponse™, you know immediately.


Your Data, Your Privacy, Your Relationships

In the era of increasing data proliferation, reliable and secure information is crucial. But the vast amount of user data online is unverified making it impossible to distinguish truth from fiction. This poses a significant problem, particularly in matters of health and safety.

Studies have shown that during life-threatening situations, people rely on first responder emergency services. To be effective, these services need the most reliable, accurate and current information.

Twiin is a closed and secure system, safeguarding users from targeted tracking based on their digital communication, and ensures that all communication is validated by authorized emergency services.

This benefits both first responders and citizens, providing them with accurate information that remains uncontaminated and time-relevant.

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