Consciousness Analytics

Securely extract sentiment consistently and accurately

Consciousness Analytics

So how do babies learn to walk without a manual?

Unlike computers and current analytic solutions, the human mind does not scan through enormous amounts of data searching for an answer. It makes quick assessments and predictions based on small changes in its environment.

Our analytics rely on a new patented implementation of this biological learning process found in the brain. We call it Consciousness Analytics. It’s swift and very accurate and returns results in seconds, not days.

Modeled by the most recent findings in neuroscience, we provide a software suite that solves the problem of health and safety awareness by instantaneously increasing your understanding of the physical well-being and emotions that your team experiences while on duty and at work.

When safety and health are involved, time to assessment is all that matters. In most cases, evaluation speed can make the difference between life and death scenarios. Days later is not the time to analyze what happened. The time to act is now.

Time for a change that saves you time and money

The purpose of OnResponse™ is to increase understanding of in-progress events and provide a mechanism to intervene and change the outcome.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Take your existing web page, mobile app, safety device, or health monitor.

Step 2: We give you embedded software that runs within your existing environment to access our genius analytics cloud product securely.

Step 3: We calculate sentiment based on the personnel and OnResponse™ devices you select.

Step 4: At any time, and with 24/7 access, you can form and manage as many groups, cases, and events as you wish. Then assess danger by regions, locations, prior history, whatever…, virtually the data is available instantaneously within seconds of your request.

After the fact is not the time to find out about a potentially hazardous health and safety condition.

Without visibility and correlation, bad things happen

A command and control system is the personnel, information management, procedures, and equipment essential to conduct successful operations.

The basic command and control system relies on high-integrity information collected and shared from a combination of personnel assessment and sensor devices. Breakdown in command and control often happens when personnel gets disconnected from the command and control leader and acts independently based on personal judgment and not command and control guidance.

The first element of successful command and control is to make decisions, take action, communicate and cooperate to accomplish a common goal based on knowing the status of each person on the team. Currently, there is no way to do that.

Without our innovative technology, you’re waiting and guessing disconnected from the event without understanding why events are escalating.

OnResponse™ is a new analytics software as a service (ASaaS) that changes everything by keeping you aware and involved during all phases of your in-progress profile.

Human Grouping, community behavior linked by our Bubble

Humans have relied on being in groups and communities to facilitate tasks since the dawn of humanity.

OnResponse™ relies on a privacy-based architecture that uses a Bubble building block, our unique human grouping technology. Bubble blocks allow command and control to communicate directly during emergencies with first responders and the public with complete privacy.

The emotional status of a group highly influences group behavior. Visibility into a group’s current sentiment is a leading indicator of the most likely action that group will take. When first responders are dispatched to an in-progress emergency, they take on a group sentiment that may have an outcome that is not in line with the objective when unmanaged by command and control. We provide a mechanism to monitor and stay emotionally engaged within the dispatched group remotely.

Bubble architecture significantly reduces unvetted emotion and chatter contaminating the command and control direct communication loop while also providing a traceable timeline of what happened when based on second by second assessments of in-progress event.

In today’s world of split-second decision-making, you don’t have the luxury of wasting time. With OnResponse™ you know immediately.

However, please don’t take our word for it....

Listen to what one of our customers had to say

Our healthcare system has been using Twiin Analytics with our patients for over two years. I rely on the platform to build and foster positive and nurturing relationships with my clients.

Most patients today are overloaded with either too much, too little, or just the wrong information. Twiin’s technology allows us to communicate with our patients in a relevant and helpful way. As part of our healthcare service, we can now offer them direct access to information that has been fact-checked by their practice and connected to their doctors.

These innovative software services have enabled us to reach our patients by building new communities for new moms through women in menopause, where ever they are, thereby expanding our business and accommodating the full spectrum of women’s health.

There are dozens of other pregnancy and health apps out there, and I challenge you to find another one where your doctors are engaged on the app with you.

Dr. Beth Rutherford, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

Your Data, Your Privacy, Your Relationships

Now more than ever, there is a need for high-integrity vetted and secure information. With the increase of unchecked user data uploaded to the internet, it’s become impossible for people to know what is true and fabricated.

Lack of factual information becomes problematic when it involves your health and safety; information control must be in the hands of the experts. Studies have shown that no matter the political climate when life-threatening or dangerous situations occur, people do not call a personal friend or surf the web; they call first responder emergency services.

With Twiin technology, all first responder emergency service communications are viewable only on devices that are part of an emergency unit handling in-progress emergency events. More importantly, event information is under secured control directly by the emergency service.

Our revolutionary universal analytics interface has privacy baked into the entire communication service path. How this benefits first responders and citizens is the information needed to help you is accurate and not contaminated or monitored by anyone.

Recently, we have seen a battle in the social consumer tech companies over offering programming interfaces to third-party companies to target and track you based on your digital communication habits. Twiin is a secure closed system.

To learn more about OnResponse and how it integrates it into your organization, contact us below.