Community Safety

Share information that matters directly with the people that need to know

Trusted Monitoring

Health and safety decisions need to be based on timely and accurate information before conditions reach a critical state.

Uniquely, Twiin Inc. created OnResponse Community™ with integrated health and safety features to allow companies, customers, and employees the ability to merge health and safety information that may cause potential threats.

Based on Twiin’s computer architecture, alerts and notifications are broadcast specifically to those who are affected by changes in health and safety information. OnResponse Community™ gives you an unprecedented level of control to monitor and manage individuals and groups, not achievable in today’s social networks.

Mental Health

Being aware of your surrounding community and your own stress level is essential for mental well-being. It helps you make informed decisions, stay safe, and manage stress effectively. The awareness and detection of your own stress levels allows you to implement strategies for self-care and prevent impulsive decisions. Understanding the social dynamics, behaviors, and people in your environment promotes a sense of belonging and connection which further reduce stress.

OnResponse Community™ integrates the development of technologies and strategies for mental health promotion.

Navigate Life in Real Time

Everyone understands that words, images, and events have a powerful effect on us. People can check the weather and traffic information several times a day. Yet, there is no service that provides updates for your stress, health and safety based on what you are experiencing in the present moment. More often than not, this information is crucial to avoiding life-altering events.

We place people’s lives first. Our commitment results in software that improves personal health and safety outcomes. We accomplish this by wirelessly connecting to commercially available health monitoring devices. As you navigate the real world, we’re your companion to manage and measure your heartbeat, pulse oximetry, and temperature while calculating sentiment to correlate mental and physical stress conditions.


Our healthcare system has been using Twiin's technology with our patients for over two years. I rely on the platform to build and foster positive and nurturing relationships with my clients.

Most patients today are overloaded with either too much, too little, or just the wrong information. Twiin’s technology allows us to communicate with our patients in a relevant and helpful way. As part of our healthcare service, we can now offer them direct access to information that has been fact-checked by their practice and connected to their doctors.

These innovative software services have enabled us to reach our patients by building new communities for new moms through women in menopause, where ever they are, thereby expanding our business and accommodating the full spectrum of women’s health.

There are dozens of other pregnancy and health apps out there, and I challenge you to find another one where your doctors are engaged on the app with you.

– Dr. Beth Rutherford, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

Your Data, Your Privacy, Your Relationships

In the era of increasing data proliferation, reliable and secure information is crucial. But the vast amount of user data online is unverified making it impossible to distinguish truth from fiction. This poses a significant problem, particularly in matters of health and safety.

Studies have shown that during life-threatening situations, people rely on first responder emergency services. To be effective, these services need the most reliable, accurate and current information.

Twiin is a closed and secure system, safeguarding users from targeted tracking based on their digital communication, and ensures that all communication is validated by authorized emergency services.

This benefits both first responders and citizens, providing them with accurate information that remains uncontaminated and time-relevant.

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