Personal Safety

Share information that matters directly with the people that need to know

Transparent Monitoring

Health and safety decisions need to be based on timely and accurate information before conditions reach a critical state.

Uniquely, Twiin Inc. created OnResponse™ with integrated health and safety features to allow companies, customers, and employees the ability to merge health and safety information that may cause potential threats.

Based on Twiin’s unique computer architecture, alerts and notifications are broadcast to only relevant recipients affected by health and safety information changes. OnResponse™ gives you an unprecedented level of control to monitor and manage individuals and groups, not achievable in today’s social networks.

The map is not the territory

“The map is not the territory” is a phrase coined by philosopher and engineer Alfred Korzybski. People often confuse models of reality with reality itself. Therefore, recommending and describing health and safety is not the same as experiencing health and safety. Your health and safety are second by second evolving realities. Only OnResponse™ alerts you during these changes when they occur in the present.

Touch and Receive

Everyone understands that words, images, and events have a powerful effect on us. But where and when it is safe has a life altering impact. Most people check the weather several times a day. But still, no service updates health and safety information relative to your life.

OnResponse™ is not only a big idea; it’s a new destination to check if businesses, locations, and events are safe for you, your family, and friends.

The Future Now

We place people’s lives first. That’s why our commitment results in Population Management software that improves personal health and safety outcomes. We accomplish this by wirelessly connecting to commercially available health monitoring devices. As you navigate the real world, we’re your companion to manage and measure your heartbeat, pulse oximetry, and temperature while extracting sentiment to correlate mental and physical conditions.

Listen to what one of our customers had to say

Our healthcare system has been using Twiin Analytics with our patients for over two years. I rely on the platform to build and foster positive and nurturing relationships with my clients.

Most patients today are overloaded with either too much, too little, or just the wrong information. Twiin’s technology allows us to communicate with our patients in a relevant and helpful way. As part of our healthcare service, we can now offer them direct access to information that has been fact-checked by their practice and connected to their doctors.

These innovative software services have enabled us to reach our patients by building new communities for new moms through women in menopause, where ever they are, thereby expanding our business and accommodating the full spectrum of women’s health.

There are dozens of other pregnancy and health apps out there, and I challenge you to find another one where your doctors are engaged on the app with you.

Dr. Beth Rutherford, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

Your Data, Your Privacy, Your Relationships

Now more than ever, there is a need for high-integrity vetted and secure information. With the increase of unchecked user data uploaded to the internet, it’s become impossible for people to know what is true and fabricated.

Lack of factual information becomes problematic when it involves your health and safety; information control must be in the hands of the experts. Studies have shown that no matter the political climate when life-threatening or dangerous situations occur, people do not call a personal friend or surf the web; they call first responder emergency services.

With Twiin technology, all first responder emergency service communications are viewable only on devices that are part of an emergency unit handling in-progress emergency events. More importantly, event information is under secured control directly by the emergency service.

Our revolutionary universal analytics interface has privacy baked into the entire communication service path. How this benefits first responders and citizens is the information needed to help you is accurate and not contaminated or monitored by anyone.

Recently, we have seen a battle in the social consumer tech companies over offering programming interfaces to third-party companies to target and track you based on your digital communication habits. Twiin is a secure closed system.

To learn more about OnResponse and how it integrates it into your organization, contact us below.