Public Safety

First responder command & control monitoring network and software suite

Assessing today’s emergency event response

Under strong emotional inputs, human reasoning experiences a shift from rational thinking to emotional, thin-slice processing. When this occurs, the likelihood of poor decision-making and a violent result increases significantly. Although trained for these situations, first responders such as law enforcement officers, paramedics, EMT’s and firefighters incur an accelerated breakdown in rational situational assessment when weapons and danger are involved.

In the absence of precise monitoring and clear command and control communication channels, the situational judgment of an emergency event is often in the hands of a single emotionally charged individual.

We see this time and time again as the root cause of these first responder tragedies in the USA. Fear has a quantifiable affect on the human body and impairs an individual’s ability to make well-informed choices.

Public safety needs to be changed, and there is no better time than now to address these problems.


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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2019, there were approximately 813,500 active-duty police officers and 328,200,000 US Citizens. Each police officer is responsible for the safety and security of roughly 403 Americans. Because of this, officers need continuous command and control communication before, during, and after in-progress events.

Responding with the solution

We designed OnResponse™ as the premiere First Responder Command & Control Monitoring Network, for sentiment extraction during emergencies. The OnResponse™ network makes use of our patented Consciousness Analytics technology.

For the first time, it is possible to collect real-time emotional and physical data during in-progress events. Uniquely, this network produces a sentiment tracking database identifying common warning signs during in-progress events and can be used to train for future emergency scenarios.

Your future is safe in our hands

Our OnResponse™ links command and control with first responders through a secure two-way communication network.

Monitoring first responders’ physical and emotional conditions while in-progress events occur can significantly reduce bad outcomes. Emergency command and control can intervene during emotionally charged in-progress events and deescalate the situation if needed.

With the need for advanced standardized emergency technology becoming more and more apparent, OnResponse™ provides the only communication platform available to third-party devices used in emergency services, such as physical sensors, cameras, and weapons.

Now there is one centralized, secure command and control interface to be used by first responders.

Understanding the communities we serve

Misinformation during emergencies can lead to life-threatening outcomes. It is essential to have a relationship with the communities that first responders serve for public safety to make a core behavioral change. This behavioral change benefits first responders and the community they serve.

Precise command and control information protects first responders and ensures that their actions match the severity of the in-progress event.

With OnResponse™ it’s possible to identify, isolate and defuse false information and emotionally charged situations, thereby decreasing the use of excessive force during in-progress scenarios.

Your Data, Your Privacy, Your Relationships

Now more than ever, there is a need for high-integrity vetted and secure information. With the increase of unchecked user data uploaded to the internet, it’s become impossible for people to know what is true and fabricated.

Lack of factual information becomes problematic when it involves your health and safety; information control must be in the hands of the experts. Studies have shown that no matter the political climate when life-threatening or dangerous situations occur, people do not call a personal friend or surf the web; they call first responder emergency services.

With Twiin technology, all first responder emergency service communications are viewable only on devices that are part of an emergency unit handling in-progress emergency events. More importantly, event information is under secured control directly by the emergency service.

Our revolutionary universal analytics interface has privacy baked into the entire communication service path. How this benefits first responders and citizens is the information needed to help you is accurate and not contaminated or monitored by anyone.

Recently, we have seen a battle in the social consumer tech companies over offering programming interfaces to third-party companies to target and track you based on your digital communication habits. Twiin is a secure closed system.

To learn more about OnResponse and how it integrates it into your organization, contact us below.